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Customize a modern database built for sharing.
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  • Easy-to-understand, adjust as you go
  • Manage your data and team together in one place
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A modern database built for sharing

We make it easy to organize and share data quickly

Stop using spreadsheets and email to share your data

  • Sharing accurate data is now quick and easy.
  • We help teams create and manage a single source of truth with better control and faster results.
  • We make it easy to plan, collaborate, and organize quickly.





Plan and organize table views in a way that best suits your team. Filter, sort, copy, download, and page through table data.

  Empower Everyone

This is a data sharing platform your whole team can use.

We make it easy at every turn for data builders, data entry, and managers.


Center information and start sharing quickly. It’s very easy and you’re free to make up your own rules based on your business. We also offer guides and best practices to help you succeed.


Create workflows with as many stages as you want. Decide who gets notified at each stage in the workflow.

  Access Anywhere

A modern cloud based data platform accessible from anywhere.


Data entry is easy with auto generated forms that match your data table. Add file attachments, pick dates, free form text fields, drop down lists, and more.


Assign tasks to team members and prioritize with deadlines, time estimates, and labels.

  Custom Views

Restrict access to data by only sharing subsets of data so users only see what they need to see.

  Files & Documents

Organize and share your files and documents using folders in a directory.

  Custom Roles

Stay in control of who gets access to what as per their responsibilities and the organizational workflow with custom roles.

  Read-only Collaborators

Gain feedback or share insights with team members and partners that only need to view the data and not make edits. Read-only collaborators are free and unlimited.

  Database Template Solutions

We offer a growing list of pre-built templates that are push-button solutions. You can select a template and start sharing data in 10 minutes.


MicroDB consistently exceeds expectations in regards to what it offers. The product itself has been an invaluable asset for all of theemployees in our growing company to share data safely and instantaneously. MicroDB customer service always answers ourquestions quickly and professionally. I would recommend MicroDB for any business, big or small.
Brian G. - Partner - Statistical Reporting Company
We consolidated our data and files from multiple sources onto MicroDB and we got away from spreadsheets. Now we have better control over sharing data among our teams, vendors, and clients.
Tod H - Property Association
Goodbye spreadsheets and hello MicroDB.co! We were always disappointed using spreadsheets where reporting is painful and it can be difficult to know who edited the sheets. We always had problems keeping the sheets up to date. MicroDB.co solved my team problems with quick and solid user experience. *Literally* Magic!
Greg G - Accountant - Commercial Flooring Company
Our growing business needs to respond to customer demand quickly. We need customizable software that is agile, affordable, and easy to manage. Other software solutions were too complicated, expensive, or forced us to pay for features we never used. Thanks to MicroDB.co, we've been able to quickly build applications, save costs, and minimize countless hours of work every week.
Ryan P. - Owner - Real Estate Technology Company
MicroDB is amazing. Our business teams can easily access the data they need when they need it without getting softwaredevelopers involved. Our software developers now spend more time focusing on making our customers happy with new features andzero time managing data servers
Adam W. - Software Manager - City of Austin

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