About Us

Mission: Help Customers Succeed Everyday

We view ourselves as your partner and care deeply about your success. When you give us the special opportunity to help you we take it personally. We strive everyday to take great care of our customers and feel it’s our responsibility to help them succeed.

We are proactive and frequently check with our customers to ensure the best experience possible. We ask you how we can help you and how we can improve our service. Our customer’s goals drive our goals.

Vision: Create a World of Data Champions

Our vision is to give people more freedom by removing barriers and increasing access so they are empowered to drive meaningful change for themselves and others.

It’s not just about democratizing the database and making powerful cloud technologies accessible to all, it’s about empowering people with tools and information so they can become swift moving data champions.

Story: A History of Passion and Intense Focus

We are a diverse and highly talented team of entrepreneurs, software developers, data scientists, designers, customer success champions and we love data. We have a passion for making great software solutions and decades of combined experience.

Our technology backgrounds consist of a wide range of experiences that have taught us how to finely tune our focus on solving complex problems and presenting simple solutions.

Our personal backgrounds bring different perspectives from cities and regions around the world and shape our culture for a better understanding of how different people work together.

We have helped many organizations succeed and welcome the special opportunity to help you succeed.

Values: Time is Most Precious

We highly value our time and yours. Creating value takes time, money, and energy and we carefully consider your efforts to achieve your goals.

We put in the time, money, and energy, so you can save more of those resources.

When it comes to data security, product pricing, and overall customer satisfaction, we measure ourselves and continuously strive to achieve the highest standards.

Thank you.


The MicroDB.co Team