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Create Database Applications Your Way

Superpowers for your team to organize and share data quickly

Quickly build and share data apps in minutes

Create the solutions you need, when you need them using visual tools and automation.

Custom Workflows

Assign tasks and send notifications so people stay on track.

Empower your whole organization

Now your whole team can build and collaborate quickly and seamlessly.

Collaborate with your team

Get everyone organized in a single space and share the work.

Create unique views of your data

Share data in a controlled way with views so people only see what they need.

Stop the hop - use one platform that you control

Consolidate your data, files and documents onto one customizable platform so your team can work faster.

  • No more searching emails and spreadsheets
  • No more lost or duplication of data, files, or documents
  • No more logging into multiple accounts
  • No more searching for the right solution

Get started for free.

MicroDB is free for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage, and support.

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Templates to get you started quickly

Choose a pre-built database template to get started quickly or upload a spreadsheet and turn it into a powerful database to share with your team.

Auto Generation that saves you time

No form-building generated forms make using your custom database a breeze. Add file attachments, pick dates, free form text fields, drop down lists, and more.

Searchable drop down lists and linked records make connecting records easy.


Check boxes for True/False values, typed text fields for numbers and free form boxes for capturing anything.

Date pickers, time duration calculators, and color coded flagging for notifications help keep projects on time.


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